Healing Team

What’s it all about?

This team of people have hearts for intercessory prayer and love to lift the needs of people to the Lord in prayer. They are available for prayer at all communion services and some special services. People are invited to kneel (or stand) at the rail and two members of the prayer team will quietly pray their prayer requests. The team meets regularly together for training in the healing ministry. They offer the person they are praying with the opportunity to be anointed with oil as a symbol the presence of the Holy Spirit.

What do United Methodists believe about healing?

United Methodists believe that scripture strongly affirms ministries of spiritual healing. This healing is God’s work of offering persons balance, harmony, and wholeness of body, mind, spirit, and relationships. The New Testament records that Jesus himself healed the stranger and sick and sent out his disciples on ministries of healing. The Church’s healing ministry is no substitute for medicine or proper care of one’s health. Rather, those who minister spiritual healing are channels of the great mystery of God’s love. The greatest healing is the reconciliation of a human being with God and when this occurs, physical healing sometimes occurs, mental and emotional balance if often restored, and relationships are healed.

–Taken from the United Methodist Book of Worship