John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, once said that the world was his parish. He knew that some of the church’s best ministry work takes place outside the walls of any one congregation, and we still agree with him. We join with other United Methodists as we share in ministry here in the Valley, around our state, and around the world.

United Methodists At Work

Tempe First UMC is a congregation that reaches out to the community – but we don’t stop there! Through our connection with other United Methodists in the state and around the world, we partner our efforts to do work we couldn’t do on our own.

With our Annual Conference, we provide ministries that serve the poor in our urban communities:

We are also connected with the entire United Methodist Church, and we share in the mission work of the denomination. Some examples of our outreach efforts include:

Every Sunday, part of our offering money stays at Tempe First UMC to support our local ministry. But part of that money also goes to both the conference and the denomination, where it is put to work in these and other outreach projects. That’s one great reason to be a United Methodist!