The Tempe First United Methodist Foundation is building our congregation’s future!

Our Foundation was created through church member’s gifts to provide enduring financial resources for our ministry. The work of our Foundation is possible through gifts that will support ministry for generations to come. Here at Tempe First UMC we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us, who have led us in ministry by faithful example in the stewardship of their whole lives. Their gifts have made our Foundation possible. We seek to carry on their example of hope and trust and their confidence in our church’s future. The mission of the Foundation is to assure the continued strength of the church and serve needs beyond the scope of our annual budget.

Our Foundation currently has over $900,000 in assets. The earnings generated from this endowment have been used in a variety of important ways to enhance the ministry of our church:

  • Purchasing our Sidewalk Sunday School Truck
  • Buying risers for our choir
  • Providing annual scholarships for our students
  • Providing loans for the construction of our columbarium and Memorial Garden as well as our church renovation
  • Securing new audio-visual equipment
  • Supporting our building campaign
  • Advertising for the Wesley Campus Ministry & the Tempe First UMC
  • Supporting a full-time campus minister

A gift to the foundation assures the strength of our church’s ministry for years to come. The Foundation has made funding and support available for these needs when the opportunity arises so that our financial resources may be used to strengthen the church’s work and presence in the downtown area. The Foundation works to be responsive to changing needs, opportunities and
circumstances when, in the consideration of the Board of Directors, funding would help to address a compelling need or project that is of vital interest to the church. You can give to the Foundation in several ways, through cash, securities and stocks, assignment of life insurance benefits, real estate, creating a charitable Trust that benefits you, your heirs and the church, as well as naming the Foundation in your will or estate.

For those of us who have given to the church faithfully in our lives, why not remember the church through a permanent gift that will provide ministry for years to come!

If you would like more information on our Foundation or ways to make a gift please contact the church office.