Share the joy. Share the journey.
Through the love of Jesus we serve our diverse community on its journey of faith and transformation.

     Principal Goal 1. We seek to know, experience and love God.
          A.   Grow spiritually.
1. Increase participation in faith formation opportunities so that all members are involved.
2. Provide a variety of groups where people can connect and be in relationship.
3. Identify and train leaders for classes, groups, etc.

B.   Worship together.
1. Embrace a variety of vibrant, enriching styles of worship.
2. Welcome all with extravagant hospitality.
3. Encourage the active participation of children in worship.

C.   Celebrate and strengthen our diversity.
1. Incorporate, reflect and meet God in our community’s diversity.
2. Grow our congregation’s diversity to reflect our community’s diversity
(cultural, age, social, economic, sexual  orientation).
3. Address barriers that limit our diversity.

D.    Support the ministry and mission of the Wesley Foundation.
1. Build and sustain a residence hall as an intentional faith community for Arizona State University students.
2. Provide a spiritual and church home for students.
3. Form and shape the faith of students to serve God in the world.

E.    Love sacrificially.
1. Let our love for God transcend all barriers and reach all neighbors.
2. Replace all that we put before God in our lives with our love for God.
3. Walk in trust with God.

Principal Goal 2. We engage and transform the world.
          A.   Lead and mobilize the faith community through service as a spiritual practice. Exercise a regional influence
in addressing hunger, homelessness, poverty and oppression.

B. Develop and empower faithful witness for prophetic social justice in the public arena.

C. Speak and share our faith and faith journeys.

D. Be a visible Christian presence and witness to the university community.

E. Be wise stewards of God’s earth and our environment.