We are delighted to announce the following changes that will be forthcoming regarding our leadership at Tempe First UMC:

Rev. Camille Pentsil

Recently, we announced that Rev. Camille Pentsil requested a change of appointment and we are pleased to announce that she has received a cross-conference appointment at Crossroads UMC in Portsmouth, Virginia in the Virginia Conference starting July 1, 2019. Her appointment as your pastor will end on June 30, 2019. In the time between now and then we know you will want to find appropriate ways to express your appreciation to Camille.

Rev. Dr. Kelly Bender

It is now our pleasure to share with you that after much prayer and discussion, Bishop Robert T. Hoshibata intends to appoint Rev. Dr. Kelly Bender as our senior pastor, starting July 1, 2019.  Bishop Bob and the appointive cabinet asks that we join in prayer for Rev. Bender, Rev. Pentsil, her husband, Gerald, as well as the people of UMOM New Day Centers during this transition.

Pastor Jamie Booth

Bishop Robert T. Hoshibata, in prayer and discernment, intends to appoint Pastor Jamie Booth to serve as half-time Associate Pastor at Tempe First UMC and half-time ASU Wesley Foundation Pastor, effective July 1, 2019. This new appointment is made possible following the request of the Rev. Jeri Page for a move from her appointment as ASU Wesley Foundation Pastor to extension ministry at Honor Health Scottsdale Osborn and with the decision that Tempe First UMC is adding a part-time associate pastor position, after consultation with the SPRC of the Church and the ASU Wesley Board. Bishop Bob and the appointive cabinet asks that you be in prayer for Rev. Jeri and her family, Pastor Jamie and her family, Catalina UMC and ASU Campus Ministry as they enter this time of transition.