I-Help has an urgent need to prayerfully consider!

We need fifteen 15 volunteers to divide up Sunday evenings and host our homeless guests from 3-7pm. They will welcome other churches who are scheduled to bring in the meal to serve. If we are able to put together four teams of three or four people (a family, a church group, or a few friends!), then each Sunday we would have wonderful coverage for I-Help.

Many of you remember when I-Help began as Tempe’s first answer to sheltering the homeless in 2006. It began as a project of the Tempe Interfaith Fellowship, under the supervision of the Rev. Dave Summers, and was eventually taken over by the Tempe Community Action Agency, who have been administrating it since.

I-Help is still a favored mission outreach of Tempe First. We have wonderful volunteers who have hosted I-Help at our church every Sunday evening for many, many years. Larry and Barb Mishler, and, Kathy Stopple, have shown up every Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm to open Ross Hall and to make certain everything is ready to welcome forty (40) screened individuals and the monitors for the evening. They also make certain everything is ready to welcome the church who brings the meal for that Sunday. They leave the premises around 7:00pm. I-Help is a well-structured, self-monitored program. All individuals are screened and interviewed before they are admitted to the program. Each person has a case manager and must be seeking to stabilize their life. They must be sober and/or clean.

Larry and Barb want to train interested volunteers before they leave! We can benefit from their 13 years of experience. Please pray about this opportunity to serve and contact Rev. Rosemary through the church office.